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Posted by:m86
Subject:Kismet does not report Noise Levels
Date:02:52:22 06/04/2011

> > Hi,
> > I´m using Kismet with a PCMCIA AR5001X+ chipset card running Ath5k driver. Kismet is working very well but the noise apear as 0 dbm for all the detected networks. The signal levels are reported but the noise no. I try to install the madwifi driver but it seems that cannot work in monitor mode with this card.
> >
> > Can anyone know what can be the problem?
> Typically means the drivers do not report noise. This isn't unusual.

The feature was actually deprecated and removed from all mac80211 drivers back in March+April of last year. So it would certainly be unusual if you were using a newer kernel (2.6.35+) with noise reporting.

A search for 'noise' in the commits for the wireless-testing will bring up the relevant info for anyone that actually uses a driver that supported noise reporting.. or just use an old version of compat-wireless.

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