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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Control frames over tun/tap?
Date:23:03:01 05/04/2011

> Is it possible to export control frames (e.g., ACK, CTS, and RTS) over the tun/tap virtual interface?
> I'm using Wireshark to analyze traffic from the virtual interface in real-time, but control frames do not appear. They do appear just fine if I open the *.pcap dump with Wirehshark.

That's odd, I would expect them to appear on tuntap fine... investigating.


It works for me - I'm seeing CF frames on tuntap...

dragorn@drd1812 ~ $ sudo tcpdump -eni kistap0
19:09:14.930442 BSSID:00:1a:1e:80:02:a1 SA:40:fc:89:8e:86:5e DA:00:1a:1e:80:02:a1
19:09:14.930533 CF +QoS DA:40:fc:89:8e:86:5e BSSID:00:1a:1e:80:02:a1 SA:00:0d:b9:14:e0:cd Data IV:6ac7 Pad 20 KeyID 0
19:09:14.930609 RA:00:1a:1e:80:02:a1 TA:40:fc:89:8e:86:5e Request-To-Send
19:09:14.930684 CF +QoS BSSID:00:1a:1e:80:02:a1 SA:40:fc:89:8e:86:5e DA:00:0d:b9:14:e0:cd Data IV:3d34 Pad 20 KeyID 0

Can you post a snippet of a pcap file somewhere which exemplifies it on your system and I'll check?

Does replaying the pcap through kismet still not show them?

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