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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:whats the difference between 'bssid' and 'source' in gpsxml?
Date:14:43:24 03/04/2011

> Hello,
> I got a data such like this in .gpsxml file. I am wondering which mac address is referred to the mac address of access point, is it the 'bssid' one?
> <gps-point bssid="00:23:68:48:13:50" source="70:F1:A1:F8:1D:95" ......."/>
> what do the 'bssid' and 'source' stand for?

bssid is the ap. source is the origin of the packet. If it's coming from an ap it's the same, if it's a client it's different. Gpsxml includes both so you can plot the location of clients the same way you plot APs, if you're so inclined.

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