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Posted by:BTHobby
Subject:Multi-Channel USB HUB solution??? Possible?
Date:04:37:49 01/04/2011

> > I am trying to figure out how to collect all 11 channels simultaneously to include those in the 5 GHz range.
> >
> > Is there any possible way to do this using a powered hub and multiple, say 11 adapters to collect on each channel?
> >
> > Also, would like to run only one instance of kismet to do this as opposed to one for each channel.
> >
> > * No, I do not want to sweep the spectrum with one adapter. I want EVERY packet I can possibly get on each channel and parse all the data to ONE output file like Kismet normally does. :)
> >
> > Any thoughts suggestions welcome!
> Kismet supports multiple interfaces and even automatically offsets them so they cover different parts of the spectrum. There is no innate limit to the number of interfaces kismet supports, though at some point you'll overload things. Probably not with less than dozens of interfaces though, assuming your capture hardware is something competent (ie intel laptop not low-power arm embedded system)
> Yes, you could plug 14 devices in on a hub, and until you saturate your usb bus, get everything. There would have to be a lot of traffic to come close to saturating usb2.

Thanks Dragorn. Do you recommend the Alfa cards? I'm thinking about building an RF Distribution Unit. 1 antenna feeding into the 14 SMA external adapters. I am aware there is a 3db loss per connector, but for that maybe an amp to regain the loss. Not sure yet.

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