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Posted by:tonsable2
Subject:A few questions I didn't find in the FAQ
Date:00:23:35 29/03/2011

> > The reason I ask is because several of my colleagues and I are planning to create a GUI frontend for kismet (We've yet to decide if we're going to take the GTK, AJAX/JS, etc route). We've been long time Linux users and want to actually contribute something back to the community even if it may not be much.
> I've messed around with that before - it's fairly simple, it'd be fun to see a proper gui. Generally you'll want to write a daemon that functions as a kismet client (see the client examples in the ruby/ directory for starters) and either provide a webservice from the client code, or dump json/xml to a directory for the webui.

This is actually pretty exciting. I've looked at gKismet (appears dead) and qKismet, but something newer and full featured is indeed exciting.

There are -sooo- many things that could be done here. I wish I had the skills to help contribute. (distribution help doesn't count for much anymore, with the advent of SourceForge, etc. :)

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