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Posted by:CommonOddity
Subject:A few questions I didn't find in the FAQ
Date:15:33:44 28/03/2011

I read over the documentation for Kismet, but I seem to be having trouble finding out what language it is written in. (Yes, yes- look at the source files they might say, while pointing a finger and laughing). I was just hoping to find this out quickly while at work.

The reason I ask is because several of my colleagues and I are planning to create a GUI frontend for kismet (We've yet to decide if we're going to take the GTK, AJAX/JS, etc route). We've been long time Linux users and want to actually contribute something back to the community even if it may not be much.

With GKismet being defunct (by the looks of it), and the lack of a GUI outside terminal, we figured it'd be a good idea. Centralized Kismet control via a GUI frontend would likely be useful (doubly so if it is cross-platform and can be run from the browser; And yes, I listed GTK which is local, but the Firefox 4 broadway backend solves this).

Yes, it might be argued that the effort is futile because you can simply SSH into the box and run Kismet remotely. We say nay, however, and believe this would be beneficial regardless. Therefore:

-What language(s) is Kismet written in?
-Major dependencies?
-Any advice as to which direction to start in for this undertaking?

Thank you for reading this and any responses you may provide.

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