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Posted by:Steven
Subject:Kismet get freezed after about two minutes
Date:14:30:16 24/03/2011

> > Occasionally, kismet works well now by command "sudo /usr/local/bin/kismet" instead of "sudo kismet".
> >
> > is it about authority or something?
> No. There is no difference in those commands, unless you have 2 different versions of kismet installed.

Thanks, but it could just run for about 10 minutes......and I killed NetworkManager and wpa_suppicant

how to figure it out which vision I used?
After command: kismet -v, it said:Kismet 2011-01-R1

One more thing to mention:
when kismet was running, I coded "top" in the terminal from which I coulc find a command "irq/17-b43" was running. And when kismet freezed (stop capturing packets), the "irq/17-b43" just disappeared.

Is there anything I can do to keep the "irq/17-b43" running for a long time...



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