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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet can not run very long!!
Date:23:44:17 17/03/2011

> I successfully installed the Kismet and could run it. But the problem is I can run it for a long time, says after couples of minutes it could not receive any packets ....
> Actually, I need my laptop to run Kismet for a long time, like 1 hour, to collect data while walking around.

You don't really provide any information about what the problem is. If there is a run-time error kismet should report it, it should also show warnings, so long as you're running a modern version, about conflicting programs.

Make sure you're running the latest, 2011-01. This means MAKING SURE you're running 2011-01, NOT whatever your distro thinks the latest version is - a lot of them don't update very often.

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