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Posted by:noob2010
Subject:cannot connect to server
Date:05:05:01 06/03/2011

> > hi guys
> > i just installed kismet in a .rpm format
> > but when i start kismet i get the message that whether i want to connect ot kismet server or not
> > when i select yes i get an error that says i cannot connect to it
> > and i cannot see the list of wireless networks available
> > i have broadcom 4312 driver and am using dell inspiron
> > appreciate all your help
> You'll need to get the error log.
> I have no idea what RPM you may have installed and you don't say what kismet version you're running.

i have installed the following version in the .rpm format

also at the bottom of the screen i see the following message
cannot connect to server

thanx for the reply

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