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Posted by:ps
Subject:Kismon 0.3
Date:19:38:33 03/03/2011

Kismon 0.3

* networks will be saved and loaded
* Kismet csv and netxml files can be imported
* the network list can be sorted
* added a statusbar to the main window
* the last gps position will be saved
* added a window to configure the channels in Kismet
* the signal graph shows a seperate line for each interface (>=Kismet 2011-01-R1)
* added a graph that shows the number of packets per second of a network
* libchamplain can now be installed without libmemphis
* the log list automatically scrolls to the last entry
* the number of entries in the log list can be limited
* the zoom buttons are now on the map
* the filters (encryption, type, ...) are now save in the config
* various bugfixes

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