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Posted by:dawson111
Subject:How to sort Kismet logs - or how can I save in csv format?
Date:16:45:03 22/02/2011


I am trying to obtain Kismet results in a more readable form where I can sort by channel or encryption type for example.

My understanding is that in the past Kismet produced .csv results. However, this seems to be deprecated in 2009-newcore since the kismet.conf file makes no mention of .csv:

# File types to log, comma seperated. Built-in log file types:
# alert Text file of alerts
# gpsxml XML per-packet GPS log
# nettxt Networks in text format
# netxml Networks in XML format
# pcapdump tcpdump/wireshark compatible pcap log file
# string All strings seen (increases CPU load)

I did add csv to logtypes but no csv output was produced.

Many thanks - much appreciated!

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