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Posted by:ericp
Subject:Multiple RSSI values (1 for each antenna)
Date:21:50:49 20/02/2011

> I haven't seen any device which gives what I'd consider trustworthy signal levels, let alone ones that handle multiple antennas.

Thanks for answering !

I know that RSSI is quite crappy but I don't have other choice than using it... My project has a "training phase" which uses to build a model, so as soon as the RSSI keeps the same meaning (i.e. remain crap :)) I should get correct result.

So, if anyone has an experience with multiple RSSI reported (device, or just driver) I'd be glad to know.

Dragorn, don't feel offensed by my answer, I have the deepest respect for your work & advices, but I feel like trying anyway (I'll let you know if I got smth useful if you want)

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