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Posted by:w1ck3d64
Subject:how to run atuowep / install aircrack
Date:15:44:29 18/02/2011

> > So I can just let kismet run and if it cracks'll show up on the info bar at the bottom of the UI? Or do I have to somehow get Kismet to dump some packets and actually run aircrack/autoWEP from command line to start packet injection?
> >
> If it cracks it. it will show up at the bottom, and it will flag as decrypted in the UI. Kismet doesn't do injection, it's purely passive. If you want to run aircrack on the side, go ahead.
> > Also, if i have both plugins for autoWEP or aircrack...which one will it use to crack the WEP/WPA?
> WPA isn't handled currently.
> -m

Ok so it is automatic then, i thought you had to run a UI plugin to see it that's why I was so confused

so for dumping files and using aireplay with I use the .pcap files and feed them into those programs? or do I have to dump different files with Kismet?


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