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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Spectools not working with latest Wi-SPY FW
Date:05:43:50 16/02/2011

> > And this is under linux? I can't reproduce that here (though my V2 code is all broken, it's not broken like this)
> Yes. You may not be able to reproduce this as I'm working with a specific distribution of Linux. I just want to know what drivers/assumptions this software rely on. Also what does it mean when it fails in this particular place.

Libusb is refusing to detach it from the kernel, and is returning a nonsense error.

You could try commenting out the failure handling for it. I have no idea what it would do.

[edit] Get the latest svn. Also are you sure this is a V1 protocol device?

It looks like it may be possible to cause that sort of error if the device freaks out and rejects the configuration command and libusb throws up a spurious older error which isn't applicable.

What wispy device are you trying to use?

Also what is the exact error? Try it from spectools_raw.

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