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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:what is the meaning of each field in kismet packet dump information
Date:03:03:20 13/02/2011

> hi,
> Excuse me if it is already documented, but I search through the documentation many times and did not find anything. What does each field mean in the packet dump? for example, I got this one:
> IEEE802 Beacon frame, SN=1000, FN=0, Flags=......., BI=100, SSID="\000", Name="ap1.sw1.cr1a.da", I understand SN is probably sequence number , so what is BI? what is Name? Why is SSID \000 ? and why do not not see received signal strength and noise level though PPI is enabled in the config file? How should I modify kismet code so that I can see RSSI in the packet information?

I don't know what sn, fn, bi are. Where are you getting them displayed?

SSID is probably cloaked.

Your drivers don't report packet info, if kismet isn't logging it. Anything mac80211 based should be providing info. Anything not mac80211 based is probably not going to report signal levels.

> Thanks a lot for your help!
> Regards
> YY

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