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Posted by:w1ck3d64
Subject:failed to enable TCP listener for the Kismet UI server [Ubuntu 10]
Date:20:49:56 12/02/2011

Hi all,

I've downloaded the latest release of Kismet (64-bit) and am running it on Ubuntu 10.

I've set up the kismet.conf files and ran make and make install etc etc etc..set suids...etc etc

now I have a problem with starting the kismet UI server..

i keep getting the error: FATAL: Failed to enable TCP listener for the Kismet UI server

I have no idea what is is my kismet.conf part for the ncsource and also the TCP part:


# See the README for full information on the new source format
# ncsource=interface:options
# for example:
# ncsource=wlan0
# ncsource=wifi0:type=madwifi
# ncsource=wlan0:name=intel,hop=false,channel=11


# Client/server listen config
# listen=tcp://

# People allowed to connect, comma seperated IP addresses or network/mask
# blocks. Netmasks can be expressed as dotted quad (/ or as
# numbers (/24)


# Maximum number of concurrent GUI's
# Maximum backlog before we start throwing out or killing clients. The
# bigger this number, the more memory and the more power it will use.

# Port to serve GUI data
# this host, reverts to INADDR_ANY if specified incorrectly.


i changed the listen to listen=tcp:// as it listens for everything as stated in the documentation...

yet I can't start the server...any ideas?

thanks all!

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