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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Spectools not working with latest Wi-SPY FW
Date:04:31:22 10/02/2011

> We just purchased a device from Wi-SPY to use it on our embedded device (Ubuntu 8.04). The code compiles and runs fine, but the GUI is not working. It detects the device and seems attempting to connect to it, but then it hangs in Device calibrating... status on all views.
> I contacted Wi-SPY, but they said they recently upgraded FW and it's not compatible yet with kismet tools. How can I resolve it? I can contribute my time if needed...

I've got the latest spec from metageek, but i haven't had a chance to upgrade the firmware on my device yet to have a device to write against.

I'll try to get to it this week, I was at shmoocon when the firmware changed and haven't caught up since.

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