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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Client not changing drone channel scan set
Date:22:07:33 08/02/2011

> Hello,
> I am currently running 2011-01-R1 in the following configuration:
> kismet_client and server on one box (linux), drone on an atheros device running the the backfire branch of OpenWRT. If I change the channel in the client (~KL), the change is reflected in the lower right of the console. However, either the request isn't getting to the drone, or the drone isn't taking any action on it. Switching to "Lock" does nothing; the drone keeps scanning. I don't see any messages in the drone's console about a channel change but must admit I haven't dug much deeper.

Does locking the source work running kismet_server on the wrt directly? The wrt drivers have a tendency to be ugly.

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