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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Cannot connect to server
Date:19:57:43 31/01/2011

> Hi,
> I downloaded the latest kismet version, compiled it and installed with "make suidinstall" without any problems. After this I added my user name to the kismet group.
> However when I try to run kismet, it cannot connect to the server and I get "connection refused". When I look at the server console, it shows that the interface "wlan0" was matched to source type "ath5k_pci". And it stops there.
> I am using an Atheros card, but it shows as "wlan0", not "wifi0". I can see the kismet_server and kismet_capture processes running and I even tried connecting to the server using a simple python scrip, but always got "connection refused".
> Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong ?

Check 'netstat -anp' as root and look for port 2501

Is loopback (lo) set up properly with

Try telnet localhost 2501

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