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Posted by:HelloYou
Subject:Questions Regarding Kismet Results.
Date:18:37:01 23/01/2011

Dear Dragorn,

I hope you can spare a few moments to review these fairly basic questions. Thanks.

1) It appears that each network has a minimum of one client. The MAC of one client is always the same as the AP's BSSID. Presumably then it is conventional for each AP to also be considered a client?

2) When a network has more than one client the clients that do not have the same MAC as the AP's BSSID are always on channel 0 whereas the client with the same MAC as the BSSID as the AP is on the same channel as the AP. Why are other clients always on channel 0?

3) I have a network as follows:

BSSID 00:13:02:XX:XX:XX
Type : probe
BSSID : 00:13:02:XX:XX:XX
Channel : 0
Client 1: MAC 00:13:02:XX:XX:XX
Type : To Distribution
MAC : 00:13:02:XX:XX:XX
Type : Probe Request
SSID : <cloaked>
Type : Probe Request
SSID : O2wireless438334

I am confused why a) there are two SSIDs and b) why one SSID provides a name while the other is <cloaked>?

4) "Info" shows "cisco-gs-ws-03" on several occasions. This string does not appear in any Google searches. What is it?

5) I have some "Country" results of "AU". But I am in the UK. The result however indicates Australia. Why?

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