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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:right? Right?
Date:02:04:13 23/01/2011

> My questions
> Can I restart kismet-server and have it use existing pcap files etc.. I'm aware of mergecap but I was just curious to see what all the collected data looked like in Kismet.

Kismet doesn't really resume - you can combine logs yourself w/ the various XML tools, and mergecap. There's not really a way to continue pcaps (you can make new ones and copy all the old contents, which is a pain).

> If I can not use existing data can I merge the old pcap to the newly created one while Kismet-server is generating it?

While Kismet is generating? Nothing - there's no promise that it will have flushed all the latest data to disk (kismet, kernel, buffering...) Most tools that can take a pcap can take multiple pcaps, or you can just mergecap them all when you're done.

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