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Posted by:SuilAmhain
Subject:right? Right?
Date:16:10:27 22/01/2011


I'm running a Kismet server on laptop with a broken screen. Last night I thought I'd be curious and move it to front of house and run it all night to see what was going on. In the process I disconnected it from my lan(Wired).

Now I can't get back in. Which is frustrating. But my own dumb fault no doubt. So i'm prepared to restart laptop, but have not yet.

My questions
Can I restart kismet-server and have it use existing pcap files etc.. I'm aware of mergecap but I was just curious to see what all the collected data looked like in Kismet.

If I can not use existing data can I merge the old pcap to the newly created one while Kismet-server is generating it?

I know I should just try and see but I'm hoping for an option before I restart the laptop.

I've Googled and Ducked like hell but Couldn't find an answer,

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