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Posted by:buivinhat3c
Subject:2010-07 Drone Test - Still connection issue
Date:04:12:47 17/01/2011

> > I have the exact same issue.
> >
> > I am using a Ubiquiti Nanostation M and get the same error as you regarding mac80211. When I try to connect to the drone it says "fd 3 read error, ring buffer full" a bunch of times.
> >
> > I just installed kismet from opkg but not sure which version I have as I am very new to linux.
> Pretty sure that the Kismet opkg package provided in the OpenWRT repositories is not compiled to allow mac80211 VAP creation support. To get mac80211 support I had to compile OpenWRT myself with a newer Kismet version. Guessing that the wireless chipset in the Nanostation M is using mac80211? You only need mac80211 if you are using a newer wireless driver, eg. ath9k.
> If you are using a stable version of OpenWRT (eg. Backfire) you are most likely using Kimset 2009-06-R2. To find out use the following command:
> opkg list-installed | grep kismet
> As far as the error message, I have no idea sorry. Dragorn would know a lot more about that stuff! As he said, when connecting to a Kismet drone ensure the following criteria are met:
> Firewall - allow traffic through from the Kismet drone. I just turn it off for testing (/etc/init.d/firewall stop)(/etc/init.d/firewall disable)
> Routing - check drone to server connection (I use ping to check)
> Kismet configs - make sure allowed connections in kismet_drone.conf are defined and kismet.conf has drone settings.
> A good way to troubleshoot is to install all the kismet packages (kismet drone, server and client) on OpenWRT and check it is running properly. Note: in this scenario use the drone to collect traffic and forward to the local kismet server on OpenWRT. The kismet.conf file should have drone source as on the local interface.
> Hope some of that rambling helps! I have had major issues setting up my Kismet drone, but it is all about learning! =D

Hi stomponthis, I've same problem. I've got a TL-WRT1043ND Access Point and I use OpenWrt Backfire 10.03 with kismet-drone - 2009-06-R1-2.
Did you resolve your problem ? I think my problem is in the configuration of ncsource. My ncsource configuration is "ncsource=mon.wlan0:name=mon.wlan0,type=mac80211,forcevap=false,channel=5,hop=fa
and the /etc/config/wireless is

config wifi-device radio0
option type mac80211
option channel 5
option macaddr 00:23:cd:xx:xx:xx
option hwmode 11ng
option htmode HT20
list ht_capab SHORT-GI-40
list ht_capab DSSS_CCK-40
#option disabled 1

config wifi-iface
option device radio0
option network lan
option mode ap
option ssid Openwrt
option encryption none

The kismet_drone run well but i can't see any packet that it captures. The connection between kismet_drone and kismet server is ok. Please give an advise to resolve my problem !
Thank you very much and sorry about my bad english {":...:"}

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