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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:wep decrypt in a vap if stop if i connect with the managed if
Date:22:07:32 16/01/2011

> I'm a wireless newbie, i've read kismet docs but i can't understand what's happening, pleas don't be too rude if i'm missing something trivial.
> I'm using kismet svn and ath9k driver under linux 2.6.37.
> When i start kismet it enables a vap wlan0mon interface used for monitor channel 1. By adding a wepkey directive in /etc/kismet.conf i can see unencrypted data from a client of my access point using wireshark on kistap0.
> If i connect to my AP using wlan0 on the same channel 1 wep decryption stop to work while i can still see encrypted packets on kistap0.
> If i disconnect i have decryption back in the very same moment.
> Is it supposed to work this way? would it be possible have decryption still working in wlan0mon while connected to the AP using wlan0?
> Thanks

You generally can't have monitor and normal mode going at the same time - you're probably hitting a path in the firmware or the HAL which decrypts the packets before they get to the tap interface, you'll see unencrypted because they're already understood.

The multi-vap stuff lets you do a lot of things, but I'm not surprised this is behaving funny - I'd say the only likely fix is to not try to associate while you're trying to decode.

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