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Posted by:ernia
Subject:wep decrypt in a vap if stop if i connect with the managed if
Date:21:44:47 15/01/2011

I'm a wireless newbie, i've read kismet docs but i can't understand what's happening, pleas don't be too rude if i'm missing something trivial.
I'm using kismet svn and ath9k driver under linux 2.6.37.
When i start kismet it enables a vap wlan0mon interface used for monitor channel 1. By adding a wepkey directive in /etc/kismet.conf i can see unencrypted data from a client of my access point using wireshark on kistap0.
If i connect to my AP using wlan0 on the same channel 1 wep decryption stop to work while i can still see encrypted packets on kistap0.
If i disconnect i have decryption back in the very same moment.
Is it supposed to work this way? would it be possible have decryption still working in wlan0mon while connected to the AP using wlan0?

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