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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Development of Apps with OS X Airport Extreme in Monitor mode
Date:04:04:57 09/01/2011

> My question is the following: How does kismet put the airport extreme in monitor mode (and KisMAC, which also does it)?

Old OSX - undocumented IOCTLs and modifications to parameters in the kernel module bundles.

New OSX - Apple API for setting wireless state. Not entirely reliable.

Latest OSX - I hear it's actually reliable now.

> Lets take OS X Snow Leopard. Does kismet use a reverse engineered firmware for the airport Card? If yes, how do I get it?

No, it doesn't. It uses the apple wireless API. Look at

> My ultimate purpose is to allow the use of packet manipulation tools such as scapy or pcapy (in Python), to receive and parse the received packets in monitor mode. Any hints on how I achieve this goal?

Get it in monitor mode, and modify them (if necessary) to set the DLT. Linux uses a single DLT for all interfaces, while BSD (and by extension, OSX) can report multiple DLTs on one interface, so if you don't set your DLT explicitly to 802.11, you'll only get EN10MB. Again, look at packetsource_darwin and packetsource_pcap

You generally won't be able to do injection with OSX as far as I'm aware.

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