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Posted by:ksu
Subject:Howto count / calculate wlan networks in area ?
Date:11:27:05 08/01/2011

I have to goals. 1) to calculate wlan networks in some area and 2) educate my self about the different Network types in kismet

I know there are some posts about the types already,but I havent seen one, where all of them are explained at once. If there is such a thread, please enlighten me :)

I had my laptop with me in a car. I did a little driving and now I am analyzing Kismet (newcore) logs.

When looking the logs I can see several types of networks:
Beacon, Probe,Probe request, Data, Infrastructure, Ad-hoc, To Distribution, From Distribution and Unknown

What is the correct way to calculate Wlan Access Points from the logs? I have 2000 Network instances in the log file but of course all of them are not Access Points. I know that Beacons are sent from APs so all of those Beacons need to be counted but do I have to add some from the other Types ?

Thanks for your answers!

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