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Posted by:scrivomcdivo
Subject:Kismet results in realtime to MySQL database
Date:21:58:05 04/01/2011

> > Kismet supports any number (well, I think somewhere it's limited to like 10) of connections. Right now when you type 'kismet', you're launching the kismet client, which in turn brings up the server.
> >
> > Other code can connect to it, get all the info the client displays now, and do whatever it wants with it. Ruby is one way to do this fairly simply, and there's some example code in the ruby/ directory.
> >
> > So pretty much you'd run kismet as normal, and then run your sql logger, too.
> Here, I tossed together a really simple sql logger - you'll want to expand it to log more fields, also probably the SSID, etc, but this should give you (and others) a good start.
> I'd be interested to see where you go from here, if you keep developing on it, patches would be very welcome.


Thanks for the link and the logger - it is appreciated and I'll have a look at it now.

I've just found the below link to which is a similar process but written in Python. Thought it may be of interest:-

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