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Posted by:scrivomcdivo
Subject:Kismet results in realtime to MySQL database
Date:16:56:39 03/01/2011

> > > I've often considered a sql output (probably to sqlite instead of a full mysql) but never gotten around to it.
> >
> > Many thanks Dragorn. What's your thoughts on one editing the source code in C++ to allow for a MySQL / SQL output? Would you advice me in looking at this or would it be a lot simpler just to look at doing it in Ruby?
> I think implementing it as a client would be a lot simpler for you. If you really want to do it in native code I'd say do it as a plugin, not as a direct source mod, since I'm not sure trying to get people to install mysql-dev would be great.

Thanks again Dragorn. By the term "client", do you mean develop a new client in Ruby that will speak to the Kismet server, thereby negating the use of the current client? My knowledge of programming is limited (to say the least) :-(

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