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Posted by:ernikola
Subject:how to filter BSSID in kismet
Date:14:43:17 27/12/2010

Hello again,
I am just copying here the part that describes the filtering options form the documentation of the kismet:

"Kismet supports basic filtering; networks can be excluded from tracking, pcap logging, or general logging, based on BSSID, source, or destination MAC addresses."

This is what i need to do exaclty pcap logging based on my bssid.

Filters, when enabled, are "positive-pass"; anything matched by the filter will be allowed, and all other matches are excluded. To process ONLY packets to or from the network with the BSSID AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF:


This is what i have done. Thus, everything matching my bssid should have been allowed and therefore i assume pcap logged , On the contrary even if the kismet.conf is modified according to the above directive, it still collects all the possible wlan data in the area.

thanks again

> Hello,
> I am trying to gather rfmon data only for my AP (BSSID) with kismet. I start the kismet as root ( ubntuu) and specify the interface wlan0. I can see all the wlans and their clients in the area. the pcapdump file is getting ~ 1gb or more if I# let it open for 1 hour or so. I have used the filter option filter_tracker=BSSID(MY_AP_MAC)
> The only change is that now I can see displayed only my network, while the data is collected , nonetheless, by all the other networks. still I see 400 other macs ( ap and clients). I am having a hard time using wireshark to identify the data with wlan.bssid==MY_AP_MAC&&wlan_mgt.ssid="MY_SSID" filter
> I have also used the filter dump option but still the data in the pcapdump file is from the possible wireless networks in the area.
> also started teh kismet with the -0filter-tracker option, still no success. ( i didnt know if it would have worked out ,or not :-) but i did give a try to it :-d )
> I have read the kismet.conf file and the docs here but seems that i am missing sth , if someone has encountered this problem before id be happy to listen to their configuration of kismet.conf or to their solution of the problem . if there is any workaround this id like to know it.
> many thanks
> Erni Kola

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