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Posted by:daraeman
Subject:Kismet not seeing GPS
Date:03:17:02 28/11/2010

> > Hey all, I'm new to Linux and I seem to be stuck,
> >
> > I've been trying to set up kismet with my GPS but when I start kismet and press "f" it brings up a screen saying:
> > "Network Location"
> > "No GPS data"
> >
> It sounds like you are using a very old version of kismet. It has no direct NMEA support and can not talk to modern GPSD versions since the protocol was completely changed.
> You need to be running the latest kismet, 2010-07

Ha, I totally wasn't thinking about the version, I assumed that the package manager had the latest but it doesn't. Anyways I updated and it works fine now.
Thanks for the help

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