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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Compressing logfiles
Date:01:36:50 18/11/2010

> Hi,
> Is there a way to compress a logfile when it is created? I am running kismet on a very small unit with about 5.5MB of available flash storage (I have enough cpu and RAM to compress the logs though).
> I modified the log name so it will not increment and created a fifo, hoping to read from it, compressing and writing it compressed back but apparently kismet will refuse to open an existing logfile and write into it, any suggestions?

Correct, kismet will not append to existing files - infact the logic is to open a new file, log to it, then remove the old file and rename the new. This prevents fragmented logs on slow battery powered systems.

You could rewrite everything to use libz, patches welcome - generally people with low-space systems have even less CPU power so it's never been a compelling issue before.

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