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Posted by:ronikoren
Subject:what events cause kismet to update a record and notify its listeners?
Date:13:06:58 17/11/2010

Hi, sorry about persisting on this question, but kismet's behavior
is still unpredictable to me. please let me clarify (and see question below):
1) i start kismet, and a listening client (on linux) that connects and listens to Kismet.
2) i turn on my iphone and connect to the local Lan. kismet sends a record related to my iphone - great
3) i click on a few links in my safari - i expect to get some recs from kismet
in my listener but nothing...
4) i wait a few minutes and click on some other links on my iphone/safari
still kismet is not sending anything related to my iphone...
5) i turn my iphone off, completely, for 1/2 an hour then turn it on, connect, click on links... kismet is not sending anything to my listener...

all along kismet is sending stuff to my listener but not related to my iphone.

the only time i get a record related to my iphone is at the initial detection, right after i start kismet.

so, should't kismet sends events to my listener at least every time i send http requests? if kismet "sees" these packets, i expect it to update the record
with the new "last time seen" info... is that a wrong expectation?

> > hi, i'm new to kismet, and i'm interfacing to kismet as described in "talking with kismet". more specifically i'm only interested in getting client information.
> > i don't understand 1) when kismet sends a client record and <zapped>
> >
> > i would appreciate if you can answer some of these questions:
> > 1) when does kismet send a client event?
> > a) everytime the client connects
> > b) everytime the client interacts/performs web borowsing?
> > c) other (please explain)
> I don't know what you mean. Client records are sent every time the client record updates due to captured data.

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