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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:No channel hopping with ipw2200
Date:15:01:20 09/11/2010

> Hello there
> Stubborn problem here: on both my BT4 R1 and Suse 11.3 installations on a rather aged acer notebook with ipw2200 chipset, kismet starts ok, accepts my wlan interface as source after it has been set to monitor mode using iwconfig, finds networks, but refuses to do channel hopping with the following error message:
> [SERVER] ERROR: mac80211_setchannel() could not set channel [all of them] on interface 'eth1' err -95

Your drivers are old and report most of mac80211 but don't accept the standard netlink commands to control channel.

There's unfortunately no good way to fix this right now - make sure you're running the latest drivers and hope that fixes it, an option will have to be added to kismet to override the mac80211 detection and use the deprecated channel controls on those drivers.

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