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Posted by:probono
Subject:No channel hopping with ipw2200
Date:01:00:03 09/11/2010

Hello there

Stubborn problem here: on both my BT4 R1 and Suse 11.3 installations on a rather aged acer notebook with ipw2200 chipset, kismet starts ok, accepts my wlan interface as source after it has been set to monitor mode using iwconfig, finds networks, but refuses to do channel hopping with the following error message:

[SERVER] ERROR: mac80211_setchannel() could not set channel [all of them] on interface 'eth1' err -95

I had no luck doing a google search other than to disable wireless networking in the network manager, which I did (as well as killing all related processes including dhcclient, wpa_supplicant etc). I also tried to specify type=ipw2200 and used both kismet versions 2010-01 and 2010-07. Same problem.

Any help would be grately appreciated. Many thanks.


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