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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:changing the number of samples
Date:18:44:58 08/11/2010

> Hi dragorn,
> I was wondering if you could let me know how one could change the number of samples in wispy 2.4x device. Currently, if I change the values of start_khz and res_khz in wispy_hw_24x.c (wispy24x_setposition) it works fine, except that the end_khz is based off fixing the number of samples to 256.
> Could you please let me know how to change the number of samples? (say I just want 10 samples i.e., if start_khz = 2400 Mhz, res_khz = 500 khz then end_khz = start_khz + res_khz * num samples .. which would be 2405 MHz).
> I am trying to understand the code to see if this possible, but currently I am confused as it seems the code is hardcoded to use 256 samples and some of the calculations are based off it?

I don't recall if the 24x supports it, you'd have to calculate new settings to send the device over USB.

There is no way to simply change the number of samples on the spectools side, the unit will still be sending things.

As before, look at the code that sends the configuration to the device, and you can try to manually force it to use fewer samples - however to do so, you'd have to calculate a different stepping number and sample repeat/aliasing number that still fits your needs - this is part of why there hasn't been anything in the UI to change the samples yet.

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