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Posted by:phoenix
Subject:changing the number of samples
Date:18:42:11 08/11/2010

Hi dragorn,

I was wondering if you could let me know how one could change the number of samples in wispy 2.4x device. Currently, if I change the values of start_khz and res_khz in wispy_hw_24x.c (wispy24x_setposition) it works fine, except that the end_khz is based off fixing the number of samples to 256.

Could you please let me know how to change the number of samples? (say I just want 10 samples i.e., if start_khz = 2400 Mhz, res_khz = 500 khz then end_khz = start_khz + res_khz * num samples .. which would be 2405 MHz).

I am trying to understand the code to see if this possible, but currently I am confused as it seems the code is hardcoded to use 256 samples and some of the calculations are based off it?

Thanks much for the help!


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