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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Request watch json true question
Date:12:52:20 28/10/2010

> I'm running gpsd 2.95-6 which I believe is json enabled.
> I was trying to find out why gpspipe -r gives me[1] nmea output only and at later it gives [2] both json/nmea output. By default according to the docs, gpsd when started, the default is to set the json reporting to false in WATCH (which explains [1])
> It appears in kismet code if it detects gpsd is json enabled then it writes out WATCH request to turn json reporting on (true). But it appears that this request only takes effect after I shut down the kismet server (which explains [2]). Is this how its supposed to work?
> I would like to have consistency in the output from gpspipe. One alternative found is to use telnet and invoke explicit WATCH request to set values to be same each time.
> Thanks for any clarification you can give.

This sounds like a problem with gpsd.

I've found GPSD to be extremely inconsistent. I haven't run it recently enough to even know how it's behaving, other than their statement that all code must support either libgps (which at the time, and maybe still, was not asyc-read safe) or json.

I don't believe commands from one socket should be influencing other sockets - this seems like a design choice in gpsd, but it will prevent, as you've seen, updated and non-updated programs from working together.

GPSD has stated *only* JSON will be supported from the network stream. For kismet to operate with it, it has to detect that it is a JSON enabled gpsd and go into that mode.

I'd guess gpspipe must be updated to create fake nmea lines from the json data, because it won't function with the next release of gpsd.

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