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Posted by:jfisch
Subject:speed reporting 0.00... gpsxml
Date:05:50:30 21/10/2010

> Hi, I'm running latest version of kismet and debian squeeze. gpsd switched over to using json, made modification to kismet code to include code for speed with json related code and now it correctly displays the speed on screen and in the netxml files. But still get 0.00... reported for speed in gpsxml files. Would you know where and how I might make a software change to fix this?
> I'm looking at,, as those appear to be the places where gpsinfo->spd are referenced. of course does the print to gpsxml and therefore has the gpsinfo->spd set to 0.00..

Okay, well seems I didn't look far enough into .gpsxml file, it does dump the speed out (maybe a lag in reporting or maybe not).

For others that might want to know, the addition made was at line 322 in under msg_class TPV, if mode >= 2:

// If speed, get it
n = JSON_dict_get_number(json, "speed", err);
if (err.length() == 0) {
in_spd = n;
use_spd = 1;

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