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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet Server Random Crashes
Date:13:18:26 20/10/2010

> Hi there
> Just wondering if anyone can help, we have a kismet server/drone deployment which has x10 drones all feeding into a reasonably beefy Ubuntu based server running kismet_server.
> We are having to restart the kismet_server process daily, but cannot work out why. There doesn't seem to be any logfiles that we can refer to?
> Short of a daemon/cronjob to periodically restart, is there anything else we can look at?

Are you using the latest SVN code? There have been a number of bugfixes over the past months which are pending going into release code, which may fix some of what you're seeing.

If SVN doesn't fix it, I'll need to know if it's actually crashing or if it's just hanging. In either case, running kismet_server inside gdb will let you see where it crashes or let you interrupt it and see where it's hanging, those would be key pieces of information - run it on an unstripped copy of the binary and get me a backtrace of where it's failing.

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