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Posted by:theberries
Subject:ath9k w/ kismet
Date:19:53:40 14/10/2010

> > >
> > > Hey,
> > >
> > > Do you still get the corrupt beacon frame issue with this solution?
> > > I don't think the beacon frame issue is to do with Kismet, it seems to happen with airodump-ng as well, well also get funny AP SSIDs with different MACs which are essentially the same AP.
> > > From one of your previous posts it sounded like you only got the beacon frame issue when Kismet makes its own VAP? Is that right? I think I have to do some more testing!
> > > Regarding my /etc/config/wireless configuration, I include the hardware mode (hwmode) in the config file which specifies HT20, HT40- or HT40+. If you do this you may not need the fix you have added to I also set the interface to be in monitor mode, but always create a new VAP with the "forcevap=true" line in kismet_drone.conf.
> > > Unfortunately I am at uni at the moment and don't have my wireless routers with me to post the whole config. But the line I specify in the config is:
> > >
> > > hwmode HT40-
> > >
> > > From one of your original posts, it looks like you havn't included this in the config file.
> >
> > Setting the hwmode in /etc/config/wireless isn't making any difference for me. It seems that even without modification I AM picking up non-n networks. At the time, there weren't any near me, so I wasn't picking anything up. :P
> >
> > I'm still seeing things like this, which I suspect are from corruption, but I'm not completely sure.
> >
> > ALERT: DISCONCODEINVALID Unknown disassociation code e1 from network
> > 00:1D:73:D1:00:70
> > ALERT: BCASTDISCON Network BSSID 00:1D:73:D1:00:70 broadcast deauthenticate
> > /disassociation of all clients, possible DoS
> Yeah, definitely still seeing corrupt packets.
> INFO: Detected new managed network "a\374erizq_wi\367i", BSSID E8:15:75:C2:
> D2:EC, encryption yes, channel 0, 55.00 mbit
> The SSID and BSSID are both quite wrong, with a few correct characters mixed in there. (BSSID should be 68:7F:74:C2:D2:EC)

Any progress on this? I'm having the same issues with my wrt160nl. Latest trunk of openwrt and kismet. Reports a lot of "hidden ssid" and "any" on channel 0 with random BSSID's.

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