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Posted by:ronikoren
Subject:questions about the kismet interface and firsttime/lasttime
Date:15:24:54 12/10/2010

hi, i'm new to kismet, and i'm interfacing to kismet as described in "talking with kismet". more specifically i'm only interested in getting client information.
i don't understand 1) when kismet sends a client record and 2) the meaning of firsttime and lasttime.

i would appreciate if you can answer some of these questions:
1) when does kismet send a client event?
a) everytime the client connects
b) everytime the client interacts/performs web borowsing?
c) other (please explain)

2) what is the meaning of the firsttime?
a) num seconds since i started kismet
b) num seconds since some specific date/time. which?
c) other

3) what is the meaning of lasttime? is it a) the last time the client connected b) the last time the client performed some interaction with the lan, e.g. performed internet browsing
c) other

4) why is lasttime==0 sometimes and sometimes lasttime==firsttime? what does
it mean in each case?


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