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Posted by:m86
Subject:Capture hardware recommendations?
Date:14:22:33 12/10/2010

> > >accurate SNR information
> > more like S information, most drivers are not going to report noise. patched orinoco cards would back in the day. older atheros cards may w/ ath5k. p54 devices will depending on the device. the quality of the signal information will likely vary significantly between drivers and hardware.
> So that means if I use more than one card, signal information becomes incomparable? That's a pity. Now I think of it, it's quite obvious, as different cards are of different quality.
> > >extended reach or something like that.
> > .. just for Kismet?
> Of course that is practical for general use too, but Kismet just has to receive while general use includes sending packets too.
> Probably any other features that I can use handy, or just cards that work well with Kismet?

An adapter like an ALFA AWUS036H with an RP-SMA jack would probably be good. It isn't the absolute best card in the world.. but it probably is one of the best that wouldn't require an antenna mod or too much effort. The Ubiquiti SRX or SR71-X cards would be better.. but more expensive.

Also, if you are wardriving, an antenna (IMAG5-2400, IMO) on the roof would help considerably.

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