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Posted by:ktf
Subject:Capture hardware recommendations?
Date:05:48:11 12/10/2010

> >accurate SNR information
> more like S information, most drivers are not going to report noise. patched orinoco cards would back in the day. older atheros cards may w/ ath5k. p54 devices will depending on the device. the quality of the signal information will likely vary significantly between drivers and hardware.

So that means if I use more than one card, signal information becomes incomparable? That's a pity. Now I think of it, it's quite obvious, as different cards are of different quality.

> >extended reach or something like that.
> .. just for Kismet?
Of course that is practical for general use too, but Kismet just has to receive while general use includes sending packets too.

Probably any other features that I can use handy, or just cards that work well with Kismet?

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