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Posted by:ilf
Subject:2010-07-R1: suidroot problem
Date:07:14:13 06/10/2010

> Not sure what you did, but kismet_capture, while group executable, is not suid root, as you can see in your permissions list above.

Hmpf. Fixed:

-r-sr-x--- 1 root kismet 5.1M 2010-10-06 08:49 /usr/local/bin/kismet_capture*

Now it sais I am not in the group:

FATAL: Suid-root control binary failed: Permission denied
FATAL: Could not launch kismet_capture control binary, due to permission
errors. To run Kismet suid-root your user MUST BE IN THE 'kismet'
GROUP. Use the 'groups' command to show what groups your user is in,
and consult the Kismet README for more information.

'id' and ' groups' does not show the group 'kismet', but 'groups $USER' does. WTF?

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