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Posted by:bobmagoo
Subject:Cant create HTML with kismet log viewer
Date:03:51:47 22/09/2010

It looks like the XML output DTD was changed around a bit when the Newcore release came out. I'm poking around with the Perl files now, running them on the new XML, updating the file as it finds errors. I've never written anything in Perl before so it could take a bit, but I'll post the results once I get done with it.

If anybody has done anything similar with the Newcore netxml files I'd appreciate it. I haven't found anything that extracts useful information from the XML yet(the Flex app keeps saying I'm feeding it invalid NetXML's).

> I have downloaded Knoppix-STD with integrated Kismet log viewer and get same error ("getFirstChild"). So, I think KLV doesn't support logs from newer Kismet versions (I use Kismet-2010-01-R1) :-(
> Maybe somebody can tell, how to check some statistics from kismet logs (*.netxml). I have a lot of *.netxml files. I can merge them with script, but how to know: how much APs was scanned, how much APs use WEP/WPA, and another info? Please help me to find answers
> >
> > root@bt:~/kismet-log-viewer-0.9.7# ./ Kismet-20100319-07-25-30-1.netxml
> > KLV: Loading AP Manuf Data...
> > KLV: Loading Client Manuf Data...
> > KLV: Loading Logfile...
> > KLV: Generating main HTML File...
> > Can't call method "getFirstChild" on an undefined value at ./ line 213.
> > root@bt:~/kismet-log-viewer-0.9.7#
> >
> > What I'm doing wrong?
> > Please, help me to solve that problem.
> >
> > Maybe there is another kismet log viewer? I just need to build some statistics about wireless APs in my city.

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