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Posted by:Blankd
Subject:iPhone Promiscuous mode supported = kistmet?
Date:06:21:52 13/09/2010

It doesn't seem anyone has dropped by and said anything about this yet, but I have had an iPhone for over 2 years and as I was keeping my repository updated I noticed that promiscuous mode is not supported by a package called network-cmds I believe, from the iPhone repository, anyways my point is that I believe the reason if I remember correctly that kismet wasn't ever considered for the iPhone or itouch is because of that lack of support for promiscuous mode, if it wouldn't take much out of anyone's time would they mind or would dragon possibly mind checking into that and possibly developing it for the iPhone 3g 3.0 or so up. I don't know all of the details, but thank you for taking a look.

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