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Posted by:pedrogfrancisco
Subject:netxml times != nettxt times
Date:11:32:21 09/09/2010

netxml times != nettxt times:

For example, on nettxt:
First : Mon Sep 6 16:34:01 2010
Last : Tue Sep 7 18:07:24 2010

On netxml, same MAC address:
first-time="Mon Sep 6 16:34:01 2010" last-time="Mon Sep 6 16:34:01 2010"

Now, I'm doing wonky stuff with the times but the only change that should cause was using in_pack->ts.tv_sec instead of globalreg->timestamp.tv_sec [since I'm reading a pcap].

Can anyone confirm this bug only happens with me?

P.S.: On Kismet-2010-07-R1 .

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