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Posted by:nightbear
Subject:a-Band APs not identified correctly
Date:07:09:28 09/09/2010

> > I just mailed you a wireshark dumpfile.
> >
> > Some more information: The issue is independant of the encryption the APs use.
> > The issue occurs when I use Kismet on my Mac with an apple a/b/g/n atheros card and apple drivers, on my notebook with an atheros a/b/g/n card with ath9k driver and on another PC with an atheros a/b/g card and latest Madwifi driver.
> >
> > An old notebook running Kismet_old shows everything correctly.
> Thanks for the error report & example files.
> The problem turned out to be a formatting bug in the kismet client/server code for 802.11d country definitions, when multiple channel ranges were present (the field termination code was inside a for loop, not at the end).
> This wasn't *really* an 802.11a bug, but acted like one, because usually only 802.11a networks have multiple channel ranges defined in their 11d advertisements.
> Fixed in SVN and will be fixed in the next release.

Now that was fast!
Thank you very much indeed for sorting this in no time.
I just compiled the latest snapshot and everything´s perfect.
Considering the growing importance of the "n" standard and the a-band in the future it´s good to know that Kismet is clearly going to stay the number one wireless network monitoring and analyzing tool.

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