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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:a-Band APs not identified correctly
Date:19:58:56 08/09/2010

> I just mailed you a wireshark dumpfile.
> Some more information: The issue is independant of the encryption the APs use.
> The issue occurs when I use Kismet on my Mac with an apple a/b/g/n atheros card and apple drivers, on my notebook with an atheros a/b/g/n card with ath9k driver and on another PC with an atheros a/b/g card and latest Madwifi driver.
> An old notebook running Kismet_old shows everything correctly.

Thanks for the error report & example files.

The problem turned out to be a formatting bug in the kismet client/server code for 802.11d country definitions, when multiple channel ranges were present (the field termination code was inside a for loop, not at the end).

This wasn't *really* an 802.11a bug, but acted like one, because usually only 802.11a networks have multiple channel ranges defined in their 11d advertisements.

Fixed in SVN and will be fixed in the next release.

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